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All photos (c) Karin Höfler


About me

Born in Vienna, I know the must-sees as well as the hidden corners. From new exhibitions to old back streets - in Vienna, there is always something to discover. Vienna is one of my great passions.

Another is Japan. For almost 20 years I have been fascinated by the harmonious coexistence of extremes in Japan's everyday life: tradition and ingenuitiy, handicraft and high-tech, globalisation and insularity, Shintoism and Buddhism, yes and no. Japan is well worth a visit.

So lucky old me, I have been able to turn both my passions into my profession.
And I believe that one is always good at what one loves doing.


Short CV

Born in Vienna (in the last millenium)
Graduation in Japanese Studies at the University of Vienna.
As a student I gained work experience with Japanese travel agencies in Vienna.
Several years study stay in Kyoto, Japan.
1994-1995: Worked at the Japanese Embassy in Vienna (Japanese Culture and Information Center) as editor of the embassy's monthly magazine, also interpretation and written translations.
1996-1997: ANA-Grand Hotel Vienna (fivestar hotel of the Japanese airline ANA) as assistant to the Japanese Director of Sales in charge of Japanese clients.
Self employed since 1998:
Japanese-German (and occasionally Japanese-English) interpreter. Assignments in Vienna, Austria, Germany, and Japan.
Licenced Vienna guide giving tours in English, German, and Japanese.