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Third Man Museum

The Third Man Museum shows a vast array of original exhibits relating to the international film classic "The Third Man", filmed in 1948 in Vienna. The museum is THE place to go not only for film fans but also for all those interested in the pre- and postwar history of Vienna. An extensive exhibition within the museum explains the historical backdrop of the film and shows many original documents from the period.

The Third Man Museum is the project of two enthusiasts: Gerhard Strassgschwandtner and Karin Höfler.
Specialists and generalists, we have created the museum ourselves from scratch, including the basic concept, design, realisation, marketing, catalogues, web presence and, of course, the welcoming of all our many visitors. A completely rounded piece of work, with no outsourcing, the Third Man Museum contains much heart and soul. And you can feel it!

I'd be glad to guide you through "my" museum, which can be opened exclusively for your group. A visit to the Third Man Museum can also be combined with one of my city tours, see vienna guide.

If you wish to know more about the Third Man Museum, please visit the website: