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Japanese Interpreter

As a Japanese-German (and occasionally Japanese-English) interpreter I have been working for more than 13 years. My area of activity ranges widely from site inspections and audits, to presentations, negotiations, and visits of delegations to Austria, Germany, and Japan.

As an interpreter I am proficient in the following fields:
- Technical sciences: Power supply, renewable energy (biomass, photovoltaics, etc.), process engineering, and mechanical engineering.
- Economy: Presentations, import, export, warranty cases, audits, and licence contracts.
- Culture: Media art, architecture, setup of exhibitions, sister city events, and press conferences.

I am interested in (nearly) every topic. So please give me some time and I'll prepare myself thoroughly for your given business field!

Through lectures and workshops I am able to pass on my cross-cultural experience with Japanese business partners (see lectures / workshops on Japanese Intercultural Competence).