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Japanese Intercultural Competence

For almost 20 years, I have focused my professional life on Japan.
I graduated in Japanese Studies at the University of Vienna, which gave me the scholarly grounding for what I have subsequently experienced in the field. This has included study stays in Japan, employment at the Japanese Embassy in Vienna and working at a Japanese-run fivestar hotel. So I know the processes at work within Japanese-run companies.The skill and competence to communicate between Western and Japanese business partners is what I have learned in 13 years interpreting for Japanese business. Regular visits to Japan keep me updated and in touch, and I am happy to share my experiences with others.

My lectures and workshops (usually in German) are addressed to companies, small teams and individuals who work with Japanese partners, clients and colleagues, as well as to those preparing for a business trip to Japan. My presentations provide a profound insight into Japanese society and business practices.

Please contact me for an offer and I'll get you fully prepared for Japan!